Quantum black holes

Recently new black hole solutions have been discussed in the context of quantum gravity. These solutions are interesting in that “summarize” the quantum gravitational effects in a single parameter. Not much is understood about these solutions: whether these are physically acceptable and what would single them out in observations (eg, what would their signature look like, for example, in the emission of primordial gravitational waves). The project aims at studying some aspects of these black hole solutions.


The purpose of the research project is to address two problems:

1)how quantum polarization effects depend on the additional quantum gravity parameter of these quantum gravity black holes;
2)How the quasi-normal modes ringing of these black holes would differ from other kinds of black holes and whether any future observation of primordial gravitation waves could potentially detect such black holes.


The first target of the research project is to complete the computation of the vacuum polarization. This is technically very complicated and we have been working on this problem for several months now. We have completed the analytical part of the calculations and we hope to carry out the numerical part that would conclude the first part of the project.
The second part consists in computing the quasi-normal modes and quasi-normal frequencies for the quantum gravity black holes mentioned above and investigate whether any new effect, possibly observable, may arise.

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