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Research and Education Center for Natural Sciences, Keio University


01 January 2024 16:30-18:00

50th Public Lecture In Japanese Only

Big Data Assimilation: from Torrential Rain Prediction to Prediction Science
02 February 2020 16:30-18:00

47th Public Lecture In Japanese Only

10 October 2019 16:30-18:00

46th Public Lecture In Japanese Only

Endocrine control of innate feeding behavior in insects
09 September 2019 16:30-18:00

45th Public Lecture In Japanese Only

08 August 2019 15:00-16:30

35th Science Cafe In Japanese Only

Recent Publications

  1. PHY

    K. Ishikawa(2024) Potential Scattering in L2 space:(2) Rigorous scattering probability of wave packets. Annals Phys460: 169571 doi

  2. PHY

    Takagi, M., Ando, H., Imai, M., Sugimoto, N., and Matsuda, Y. (2023) Formation and quasi-periodic variation of equatorial jet caused by planetary-scale waves in the Venusian lower cloud layer. Journal of Geophysical Research: PlanetsVol.128, e2023JE007922 doi

  3. PHY

    K. Ishikawa, K. Nishiwaki, K.Oda (2023) New effect in wave-packet scattering of quantum fields. Phys.Rev.D108(9): 096013 doi

  4. PHY

    K. Ishikawa, O. Jinnouchi, K. Nishiwaki, K-y. Oda (2023) Wave-packet effects: a solution for isospin anomalies in vector-meson decay. Eur. Phys. J. C 83 (10): 978 doi

  5. BIO

    Nagao, H. & T. Kasuya (2023) The host-pathogen association of Exobasidium in Japan inferred from molecular phylogeny of ITS and large subunit rDNA sequences. The Hiyoshi review of natural science70: 1-21 AN10079809-20230930-0001 pdf

  6. PHY

    Inagaki, K., Kobayashi, H. (2023) Analysis of anisotropic subgrid-scale stress for coarse large-eddy simulation. Physical Review Fluids8, 104603 doi

  7. PHY

    Nitta, K., Sakai, T., Muneoka, H., Shimizu, Y., Kobayashi, H., Terashima, K., Ito, T. (2024) Highly Reproducible Synthesis of Hollow Zirconia Particles via Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Processing with Inkjet Droplets. Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing44:289–303 doi

  8. CHEM

    Higashi T, Yoshida C, Hachiro Y, Nakata C, Takechi A, Yagi T, Miyashita K, Kitada N, Obata R, Hirano T, Hara T, Maki SA. (2023) Synthesis and anti-tumor activities in human leukemia-derived cells of polyenylpyrroles with a methyl group at the conjugated polyene terminus. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.95:129471 doi

  9. PHY

    K. Ishikawa, Y. Tobita (2023) Topological interaction of neutrino with photon in the magnetic field — Electroweak Hall effect. Phys. Open17:100174 doi

  10. PHY

    Hasebe, T., Sasaki, R., Fujino, T., Takana, H., Kobayashi, H.(2023) Experimental and theoretical analyses on power generation characteristics of co-axial MHD energy conversion device. Electrical Engineering in Japan216, e23446 doi

  11. PHY

    Fujisawa, Y., Sugimoto, N., Ao, C.O., Hosono, A., Ando, H., Takagi, M., Garate-Lopez, I., and Lebonnois, S. (2023) Evaluation of new radio occultation observations among small satellites at Venus by data assimilation. IcarusVol.406, 115728, 10pp doi

  12. PHY

    Nitta, K., Muneoka, H., Shimizu, Y., Kobayashi, H.,, Terashima, T., Ito, T. (2023) Evaporation behavior of liquid microdroplets in atmospheric-pressure non-equilibrium plasma. Plasma Sources Science and Technology32, 055008 doi

  13. PHY

    Tang, Y., Guo, W., Kobayashi, H., Yui, S., Tsubota, T., Kanai, T. (2023) Imaging quantized vortex rings in superfluid helium to evaluate quantum dissipation. Nature Communications14, 2941 doi

  14. PHY

    Suzuki, A., Ando, H., Takagi, M., Maejima, Y., Sugimoto, N., and Matsuda, Y. (2023) Dependency of the vertical propagation of mountain waves on the zonal wind and the static stability in the lower Venusian atmosphere. IcarusVol.402, 115615, 12pp doi

  15. PHY

    Ando, H., Fujisawa, Y., Sugimoto, N., Takagi, M., and Matsuda, Y. (2023) Cold collar reproduced by a Venus GCM with Akatsuki horizontal wind assimilation. Journal of Geophysical Research: PlanetsVol.128, e2022JE007689 doi

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