Reiko T. KONO

Reiko T. KONO


Research Description

I have been trying to figure out about human evolutionary history through the investigation of the morphology of dentition, especially molars, of extant humans, hominoids, and their fossil relatives. By doing this, I also have learned how to acquire and handle digital 3D data of natural objects such as bones and teeth, using Computed Tomography facilities and 3D imaging applications. With this skill I am participating in various collaborative research of fossil or modern human remains.
Recently I’m deeply involved in the research project of the human remains recovered from the Shiraho-Saonetabaru cave site, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

Selected Journal Publications

  1. 򼣡µ׵ΤҶ鰡ľ  (2018)  3ǥ˴Ť4Ƭ֤ͽŪʬϤȴƤ.   Anthropological Science (Japanese Series)  126: 15-36